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The society pillar is about your role and influence on society and the influence society has on you. Areas like gender equality, protecting the environment and female representation can be explored.


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Challenging Limiting Stereotypes, Bias, and Systems

Gender inequality has real consequences for society as a whole and for every individual. Violence against women, objectification and discrimination are a danger to women’s lives, and to their mental and physical health. In all areas of the world simply the day-to-day, subtle forms of sexism can negatively impact a woman's sense of well-being and success. These forms of bias and discrimination are even more oppressive when we consider intersectionality in the forms of race, disability, sexual orientation, and religion.

Inequality not only affects the lives of individuals, but also stunts economic growth and hinders development. Women not only bear the brunt of poverty, but their empowerment is also central for its elimination. We must work together, and do our own part, to ensure a brighter future for all.

“I think real change happens when we work as a collective and with regard to gender equality, no one is equal until we’re all equal”


- Elizabeth Nyamayaro

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