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The relationships pillar helps you understand how the people in your life (e.g., family, friends, colleagues) affect your overall fulfillment. You’ll discover which relationships are most important to you and how you feel emotionally about the relationships currently in your life. 


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Balancing What You Need And What You Get From All The People In Your Life

We know from our own research into women’s fulfilment that broadly speaking, they value their relationships – with partners, friends, family, colleagues – above everything in life. This may be innate or due to social conditioning; for centuries women have been taught to be nurturing and responsible for the emotional wellbeing of others. We know for sure that studies reveal how women tend to invest more in maintaining their relationships and are more likely than men to share emotions and feelings with those around them.

At the same time women still carry the unequal burden of household and care responsibilities across the world. According to World Economic Forum this contributes not only to the gender pay and opportunity gap, but it is also a likely source of distress, making depression twice as common in women, worldwide. While women may seem to care more, they are working more in terms of emotional and domestic labour.

Ultimately, relationships and connections are essential for success and fulfilment in all areas of life and women truly rise when they champion and support each other.

“Invest in people, nurture them and make them feel part of a team and you will all grow together”

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- Judy Murray

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