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The self pillar is all about who you are and what matters to you. Areas like confidence, your physical appearance and your emotional resilience can be explored through this pillar.


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Confronting the Obstacles we find in Ourselves: Celebrating the Strength Within 

Women live with competing pressures and expectations from the world around them – to look perfect, to have successful careers, to be mothers, to get married, to be beautiful, to be strong, but also to be gentle. Building self-worth is tough when there is so much pressure to meet the societal standards of what it means to be a woman.


But if we can foster our sense of self, we can be empowered to define ourselves instead of being defined by society; to distinguish our own values rather than trying to meet unrealistic requirements that we know to be not just improbable, but also damaging.


If we can develop greater self-worth and confidence, we are able to show others how we should be treated and what we expect from them.


If we investigate ourselves and develop self-awareness, we can grow in compassion for ourselves and confidence. We can find that the strength that is inside us – we just need to recognise it and let it free. Doing so can help us to create a rewarding life. But the starting point is always to take the lead in our own lives and to give ourselves the care and reflection that we all deserve to be fulfilled.

"Being positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy or cope all the time. Positive people can acknowledge all their emotions, are strong enough to experience them all and to be vulnerable." 

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- Katie Piper

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