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The money pillar explores the money you earn or manage and how it affects your overall satisfaction in life. You’ll discover areas like salary, economic independence and how they relate to your overall fulfillment.


Ownership, Empowerment, and Open Conversations about our Finances

There is no greater protection for a woman than money of her own. It is integral for our freedom and our equality, and yet women tend not to talk about money. Historically discussing money was seen as unfeminine or impolite and of course it the discouragement of talking about finances is detrimental. For women across the world there is a knowledge gap around finances which keeps them dependent on men and this gap is fundamental to patriarchal structures that hold women in subordinate positions, hampering their progression and freedom.

There is progress, although globally women still earn less, have smaller savings and pensions than men. The financial industry is adapting and high-profile women speaking out about their equal pay compared to their male counterparts have brought the issue into the open. They have started conversations for other women; essential conversations that we need to achieve financial and gender equality.

“There is nothing shameful about being ambitious or wanting to earn a good wage”

Gina Miller for The Female Lead by Sane Seven small.jpg

- Gina Miller

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