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Our newest pillar, health, explores how your physical and mental health and the health of those around you, affects your satisfaction in life. You will discover how areas like mental health, fertility and nutrition contribute to your overall fulfillment.


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Addressing your physical and mental needs for a more satisfied life

The groundwork for all happiness is good health, but historically women’s health has been under-researched and under-invested. Medical studies have excluded female participants and the research data we do have about women, has been collected from males and generalised to females. This gap in medical research, alongside overarching misogyny, results in real-life disadvantages for women.

We also know that women are more likely to feel responsible for the health of those around them, i.e. their partners, parents or children. Arranging regular appointments, taking children to sports classes or ensuring family members are mentally well are all things that can take priority over their personal goals and fulfilment.

The women in these videos are influential in bridging the health gender gap and are passionate about helping women feel their best, inside and out.

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