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"Best moment of my life" - P!nk surprises two of her biggest fans for International Women's Day!

Two young fans got to meet their idol for International Women’s Day as Fleur East and the Hits Radio team surprised them both with a visit from pop legend P!nk.

The pair thought they were in the studio to interview Fleur as part of our #DisruptYourFeed campaign that Izzy had been asked to take part following a cancer diagnosis in 2018. The campaign encourages teenage girls to follow strong female role models on social media but little did they know that they were going to be able to meet their own hero who surprised the girls halfway through a chat with Fleur.

Once they’d recovered from the shock – and shed some tears! - Izzy, 12 and Summer Gillies, 10 spoke to P!nk about her ambitions when she was a child (she’s always wanted to be a singer but in another dream life she’s a successful lawyer), what she’s most afraid of (Great White Sharks) and will daughter Willow make another appearance at a P!nk concert (she hopes so, there’s talk of a hoverboard stunt!).

The girls’ mum, Anji, spoke to Fleur on this morning’s Hits Radio Breakfast Show and told her: ‘It was a big surprise for them! They were so excited to come and meet you and have a chat about how strong women are and who their role models are but [the surprise] was amazing, incredible! It’s been a tough few years with Izzy’s cancer diagnosis – although she’s now got the all clear – but we’re all here and we’ve got each other and we’re a much tighter family unit now.’

You can find out more about our #DisruptYourFeed campaign here.


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