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Data and research have always been integral to The Female Lead’s DNA, building on founder Edwina Dunn’s heritage in data science and an evidence-based approach.


Since our launch in 2015, The Female Lead has tackled traditionally under-researched areas that address the most pressing issues facing girls and women today.


In 2019, we looked at teenage girls interactions with social media and in 2021, we conducted a qualitative study on women's mid-stage career progression.


In 2023, we are digging deeper to explore how future models of work can be shaped to be more inclusive and gender equal.


"Our research and analysis is a vital part of The Female Lead’s mission to create real change, by bringing together women's voices and making recommendations to businesses and government."


Edwina Dunn OBE

Founder of The Female Lead

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Fulfilment Finder Survey

12 Personas: Discover your Skills & Motivations

12 Personas: Discover your Skills & Motivations



Has an abundance of what psychologists call fluid intelligence; this is the ability to carefully examine a problem and to apply tried and logical techniques to reach a good solution.

Crisis manager.png


Is someone with a lot of originality in the way they think. They are often enthusiasts who are passionate about a particular field or ability.


Crisis Manager

Is an extravert hedonist. The pursuit of happiness is equated with entertaining others as well as being entertained by others.

Is a very practical person who can survive difficult situations. She is cool, calm, and collected, and undeterred when others become aggressive or overly emotional or critical.

Bon Vivant.png

Bon Vivant

She exudes confidence and strength. She is often inspired by ideas that advocate social justice, and in fighting for a cause she can draw attention to it by daring to be highly visible and different.

Everyone's friend.png

Everyone's Friend

Loves social gatherings and seldom turns down invitations to get-togethers because when she feels connected, she also feels safe and secure. She has super listening skills.



Enjoys being with people and bringing them together. Socially, she is a busy bee, highly visible and approachable.  The Influencer has confidence in her own abilities and a lot of people look up to her.

Knowledge Seeker.png

Knowledge Seeker

Is a voracious reader and a logical thinker, like a scientist. She sees life as a series of quests, individual fun-filled challenges that are somehow interlocked.


With the pandemic set to impact women worldwide, we've been working closely with experts, coaches and neuroscientists on how we can build back better and give women the freedom, creativity, flexibility and fulfilment they so deserve.

We've created Fulfilment Finder, a short survey on our website that focuses on six dimensions important to women's happiness: Work, Self, Society, Money, Relationships & Health.

At the end of the Survey, you will get a persona profile revealing your emotional motivators, your emotional fulfilment and how fulfilled you feel in the 6 dimensions important to women's happiness.



Is a ‘social creature’ who always seeks to get involved with activities with her peers and this contributes to her need to feel valued. As a good mediator she can empathise very well with both sides of an argument.


Is a convergent thinker, someone who is able to make clear, logical deductions, given the facts. She is someone who is able to think critically and independently.


Seeks both comfort control over her life. She is more introverted than extraverted and seeks an uncomplicated life. She like to comfort others and is a problem-solver and would make an excellent coach or counsellor.

Is a charismatic individual, who is confident and strong. As an independent person she gets her strength from feeling, and being seen to be, successful and influential.

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