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Unlocking The Future For Young Girls

Future Finder is a free Careers App created to make visible the wide range of newly emerging and high growth jobs in the UK, based on your choice of study subjects.  Future Finder helps you to assess a wide range of roles, both familiar and new.  It highlights the vital importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) qualifications. Evidence shows that studying a subject like Maths can open the door to more, higher-paid and international roles.  Students of any STEM subjects are much in demand around the world than students generally.


The Future Finder App links your A-level subject choices to Skills and then Jobs of the Future; from what you might earn straight away to future reward potential.  Future Finder has all the information needed for students, teachers and parents, freely available in an easy-to-use, on-line tool and includes some eye opening roles, videos and career pathways.

Student benefits:

  • learn more about new careers

  • discover current and new ‘high growth’ and ‘in-demand’ jobs

  • enhance your knowledge of the whole labour market

  • explore what your subject choices mean 

  • raise your own awareness and aspirations 

  • increase your chance of finding a high-paid job

  • learn about what success looks like

Discover The Career That Is Right For You!

The Female Lead teamed up with Your Life (the Government-initiated and privately funded Campaign) to provide Career Advice. The Future Finder App presents a range of jobs and the skills and A Level subjects required to do that role. This helps students to make informed decisions about their future. The website can be used for inspiration or guidance to see which A-Level choices can make the most sense including which earn you the most money and what is most valued by industry.


Each job description explores salary ranges, a diverse range of industries from established to newly emerging and the skills required for that job.

Future Plans

The Female Lead is currently exploring ways to update Future Finder with relevant data and key roles for apprenticeships.


"Too many students, especially girls, view STEM subjects as a dead end when the reality is the opposite – so many jobs now and in future will depend on these skills. We hope Future Finder will enable many more students to uncover new and exciting career aspirations while equipping them with the fundamental knowledge of the subjects and skills they need to get there.”

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