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The Power of Curating your Social Media Feed: Tips from Alex Light and Joanna Kenny

Presenter and radio DJ, Tinea Taylor, had the opportunity to discuss all things social media with influencers Alex Light and Joanna Kenny.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, but it's not without its problems. The endless amount of content online makes it easy to fall into the trap of mindless scrolling and viewing content that could potentially be harmful for our mental health. Our #DisruptYourFeed research proves that the simple intervention of taking the lead in your own feed, by proactively following positive role models and accounts, improves personal aspirations and mental health. Not just in the short term but with striking long term results.

In a recent conversation, Alex Light and Joanna Kenny shared their thoughts on how to disrupt your social media feed. They discussed the importance of being selective about the accounts we follow and what we consume online. Joanna suggested that we should curate our social media feeds to include accounts that inspire us and make us feel good whilst unfollowing accounts that trigger negative emotions or cause us to compare ourselves to others.

"Even the girl in the photo doesn't look like the girl in the photo"

- Alex Light

"You're good enough as you are already and be yourself"

- Joanna Kenny

Thanks to our friends at Bauer Media and Kiss FM UK for hosting this conversation with the incredible Joanna Kenny, Alex Light and presenter Tinea Taylor.

Find out more about our Disrupt Your Feed campaign here.


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