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Our Disrupt Your Feed Campaign Earns Prominent Recognition in 2023 Ofcom Report

In a new Ofcom report, our Disrupt Your Feed campaign has been celebrated for its remarkable efforts in protecting the mental health of young girls. The campaign aims to turn social media, a potential source of toxicity, into a force for good. With a focus on empowerment and well-being, Disrupt Your Feed provides girls with a safe and positive way to navigate the digital landscape.

The recognition of Disrupt Your Feed in the Ofcom report marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a healthier digital environment. It validates the importance of addressing the mental health challenges faced by girls in the context of social media and by featuring it in the report, Ofcom acknowledges the impact of initiatives that aim to protect these girls in the digital age.

Furthermore, the recognition from a respected regulatory authority in the communications sector, such as Ofcom, brings credibility and visibility to our campaign and can amplify its reach, inspiring more individuals, organisations, and policymakers to join the movement.

To find out more about our Disrupt Your Feed campaign click here and to read the Ofcom report click here.


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