Close The #EntitlementGap with The Female Lead

The Female Lead has launched a new campaign aimed at closing the ‘Entitlement Gap’ between women and men.

What is the ‘Entitlement Gap’?

Our latest research into working women has shone a light on the persistent problems that block women's careers.

One big issue that we discovered is something we're calling the 'Unentitled Mindset'. This is the way that women are conditioned to feel less entitled than men - at work, at home, after maternity leave... in all areas of their lives.

The toxic internalised bias of a woman’s ‘unentitled mindset’ leads to a lack of confidence at work, especially in negotiating pay increases, asking for flexibility and promotion.

The role of females in the workplace has changed over the last few decades but has not yet reached parity. There is still a bias in many institutional policies and practices because they were originally designed for, and by, males.

The research gave insight into the fact that women often feel they should expect less, not take up too much space, and not demand more, even when they deserve it.

This creates a big ‘entitlement gap’ between women and men.

This ‘entitlement gap’ rears its ugly head in many places, reflected by big differences in pay rises, domestic chores, childcare, parental care and unpaid work that mainly falls on women’s shoulders.

What are we doing about it?

Our goal in 2021 is to address the findings of the Women at Work Research with an ambitious agenda specifically designed to tackle the consequences of the ‘Entitlement Gap’.

Our ambition is to help women to develop greater self-awareness and to invest in building knowledge and skills in order to enhance their ability to navigate what is clearly an uneven gender bias at work today.

“Women have been socially conditioned to feel less entitled than men in all areas of their lives and this has created a big entitlement gap between men and women. So our new mission at The Female lead is to Close The #EntitlementGap” Edinwa Dunn, Founder of The Female Lead

Off the back of this research, The Female Lead will create and curate recommended content for women who want to build self-awareness, enhance their skills and learn to minimise the ‘unentitled mindset’. The new Female Lead platform will open up free-to-use, powerful learning environments, accredited and tailored to women striving to fulfil their personal goals and ambitions. Take a look at our five pillars and tools for you here:

We want to remove those internal barriers that stop women developing a healthy sense of their entitlement. We want to create a clearer, better path for girls and women seeking inspiring, ambitious careers and fulfilment. We want to Close The #EntitlementGap.

How can YOU close the ‘Entitlement Gap’?

The Female Lead is spearheading the ‘Close The Entitlement Gap’ campaign to a broad social audience.

This visual representation shows men and women standing on each side of the promotion and benefits ladder. Both hold the means to fix the gap but must work together, as leaders and colleagues to make it happen.

The campaign is now active across our social platforms and can be seen by millions of Female Lead followers.

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[@The Female Lead’s] research shows the problems that still block women's careers. One big issue is an 'Unentitled Mindset'. This is the way that women are conditioned to feel less entitled than men, in all areas of their lives