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5 ways to build your body confidence

If you struggle with poor body image, then you’re not alone. Even the most confident people feel self-conscious from time to time and we all have body hang-ups.

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Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin and you shouldn’t let your insecurities bring you down and ruin your day. Here are five self-care tips to build your body confidence and help you feel your best.

Buy clothes that make you feel fabulous

What you wear has a huge impact on your body image and clothes have the power to completely enhance and accentuate the way you look.

Most importantly, wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. And then focus on finding outfits that make you look and feel fabulous. Clothing is an expression of your personality and you should have fun experimenting with different styles. Remember that clothing sizes differ from shop to shop and person to person. Buy the size that feels most comfortable and don’t worry about the number on the label.

Find an exercise routine that you love

You should never feel like you have to lose weight or force yourself into a strict exercise routine to improve how you look. However, exercise has many health benefits and improving your fitness can instantly boost your mental health, confidence and perception of yourself. Physical activity is one of the most effective stress-relievers and most people feel happier after they exercise.

Don’t force yourself to do exercise that you hate, or you’ll quickly become demotivated and lose interest. There are so many fun exercises to try such as dance classes, yoga, climbing and trampolining. Check out this article by Women’s Health for ways to make exercise fun.

Make healthy food choices

Food and body image are closely connected. Nourishing your body with a healthy diet will improve your body confidence and self-esteem according to experts at Nutritionist Resource. Ensuring that your diet includes nutritious foods and plenty of vitamins and minerals is the best way to improve your mood and relationship with your body.

Some of the best foods to help boost confidence are fresh fruits, oily fish, dark chocolate, and herbs like garlic, sage and lavender. Try to limit the amount of sugar and caffeine in your diet as these substances can disrupt your mood and leave you feeling tired and lethargic in the long run.

Take a break from social media

Studies have found that the more time you spend on social media, the more likely you are to feel worse about yourself and your body. Scrolling through heavily edited pictures portraying unrealistic beauty standards will make anyone feel insecure.

Limit the amount of time you spend on social media, especially if you notice that it is affecting you negatively. If you struggle with self control when it comes to screen time, you can set a screen timer app on your phone to help you monitor and limit your social media usage.

With this in mind, social media can also be a great source of positivity. Fill your social feeds with body-positive bloggers who promote self-love and remove any accounts that trigger you. Positive inspirations can boost your body confidence and give you strength when you’re feeling down. Check out this list of inspiring people to follow.

Stop focusing on your flaws

Everyone has flaws and things they would like to change about their bodies - even supermodels! Dwelling on your physical imperfections will create a negative mindset and this will affect how you see yourself. Instead, focus on the things that you like about yourself. Every morning when you look in the mirror, think of one thing you love about yourself, and carry that thought with you for the rest of the day.

Talk positively about yourself and learn to accept any flaws and imperfections. Remember that the ‘ideal body’ is subjective and you are so much more than just your physical looks. If you still don’t feel confident, then try faking it! Studies have found that confident people are perceived as being more attractive, which is another reward of being more comfortable in your own skin.

Final thoughts

Remember that everyone has insecurities and you should be kind to yourself. Focus on your positives, speak kindly to yourself, and feel fabulous!

Written by guest contributor Meghan Taylor

About the author

Meghan is passionate about supporting and uplifting fellow women in our society through writing. When she is not typing away she enjoys socialising with friends and partaking in multiple sports.


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