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When you buy a book we donate one to a school!


The stories of 67 remarkable women, from diverse backgrounds, interviewed exclusively for this collection. All show the incredible strength, talent, ingenuity, resilience, and bravery that women possess. Among them are world leaders, artists, activists, engineers, writers, athletes and entrepreneurs. So many have beaten the odds to succeed in their fields of work: or broken free from circumstances.

They are trailblazers. They are heroines. And we celebrate them all.

These stories show young women the countless routes to fulfilment and prove that no one journey is right or successful. How we must find our own paths and question the traditional options that women have been granted until now.

When you buy a book, we will donate a book to a school. You can nominate a school yourself here or we can choose one for you!

Stay Curious
Dare to be Different
 Ask for Help
Find Strength
in Setbacks
Female Leads were driven by curiosity about the world; they were hungry to expand their horizons, and to learn and engage beyond their immediate sphere.
Female Leads revealed the importance of learning to embrace the ways in which they differed from their peers. Standing out might feel uncomfortable, but it can be a brilliant enabler of success.
Female Leads gained strength from families, friends and mentors, building support networks throughout their lives. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness, and women often break new ground through
Female Leads emphasised how the acceptance of setbacks was a critical part of achieving their goals. Each failure or obstacle became a learning experience which made them stronger and more focused.

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