The Female Lead, Volume II

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We Rise By
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67 women changing the world today. All show the incredible strength, talent, ingenuity, resilience & bravery that women possess.


67 women changing the world

We understand our world through stories; they are the foundation of our culture and our history. For too long women have played supporting parts in these narratives, but at The Female Lead, women are centre stage. Through the collected stories we hope above all to show young women the countless routes to fulfilment and success.


Together our female leads, who range in age, background, career, nationality, race, and beliefs, demonstrate that no one journey is right or successful. They are living proof that we must find our own paths and question the traditional options that women have been granted until now.

Original photography for The Female Lead by Sane Seven.

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November 8, 2021

Geena Davis: It's easy to influence gender inequality - change what characters children see on-screen

In the 21st century, why on earth would we be showing kids from the beginning that boys are far more important than girls?
I grew up in the US, in Wareham, Massachusetts. My parents were both from Vermont, very old-fashioned New England. We heated our house with wood my father chopped. My mother grew all of our food. We were very underexposed to everything. My father worked on the Cape Cod Canal for the...


November 9, 2021

La Roux blows her own trumpet

LA ROUX singer Elly Jackson says she still doesn't get the credit she deserves. "People find it very difficult to write about or believe what I've actually achieved and what I've done in terms of being a producer, just purely because they're not used to seeing it... I almost have to peddle it too much," she said at last night's launch event at The Ned for The Female Lead's book We Rise by Lifting Others...

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November 8, 2021

Jade Thirlwall reflects on recovering after her troubled teens were thwarted by racism, tragedy and body image

Jade Thirlwall has reflected on her troubled teenage years that were thwarted by racism, tragedy and body image woes.
The singer, 28, grew up in South Shields before becoming famous worldwide with Little Mix and detailed her childhood in an extract obtained exclusively by MailOnline from new book The Female Lead: We Rise By Lifting Others...

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November 11, 2021

Julia Gillard, Nadia Murad, Sheryl Crow and many more join forces for The Female Lead Volume II

Julia Gillard, Nadia Murad, Sheryl Crow, amongst many other inspiring women tell their story for Edwina Dunn's The Female Lead Volume II.
This ground-breaking collection responds to the many big questions and pressing issues women face about life and work today. It features 67 inspirational women, many world leaders, from diverse backgrounds and careers, each with their own powerful and compelling story to tell...

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November 8, 2021

Little Mix Jade on tough childhood as she battled racism and body image issues

Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall has opened up about her background as well as going through a tough time throughout her childhood.
Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall has opened up about her tough childhood, which saw her battle racism, body images and losing her granddad.
She opened up as part of new book The Female Lead: We Rise By Lifting Others, reflecting on her time growing up in South Shields...


November 29, 2021

'Go at your pace and be you': Jodie Whittaker opens up on being 'annihilated' as the first female Doctor Who

She made history when she became the first woman to play the title role in Doctor Who, but Jodie Whittaker says it's fabulous to be old news already!
Jodie Whittaker was the first female to play The Doctor in the iconic science fiction TV show 'Doctor Who', a character played by men for 56 years...