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You Don't Have Imposter Syndrome!

Did you know that a staggering 90% of people have a negativity bias towards women (UN report). But what does this really mean? Ruchika Tulshyan explains it perfectly: "The same systems that reward confidence in male leaders, even if they're incompetent, punish white women for lacking confidence, women of colour for showing too much of it, and all women for demonstrating it in a way that's deemed unacceptable."

The problem isn’t that women aren’t confident but that confidence in women is not rewarded in the world.

Watch our LIVE event featuring two trailblazing leaders:

• Lauren Currie OBE, Founder and CEO of UPFRONT

• Edwina Dunn OBE, Founder of The Female Lead.

“You Don't Have Imposter Syndrome”!

Watch the playback below


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