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The Making of Mandu Reid - Segregation, Abortion, Sexual Harassment and Hitchhiking in South Africa

Welcome to the second series of The Making of... from The Female Lead

Our guest this week is Mandu Reid, leader of The Women's Equality Party.

Mandu made history as the first Black leader of a national political party in Britain. She was born in Malawi and lived for some time in Swaziland under the last years of apartheid. She's been campaigning for racial and gender equality throughout her life, leading her to The Women's Equality Party.

Listen now:

We talked about a lot of meaty subjects like racial segregation, abortion, sexual harassment and hitchhiking as a teenager through the night in South Africa.

The Making Of is hosted by Bea Appleby. The production is brought to you by The Female Lead. And the whole series is very kindly sponsored by Missoma Make your moments last forever with Missoma and get an exclusive 15% by using MAKE15 now on


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