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Rise: Celebrating 100 remarkable women of colour

Meet artist and activist Maliha Abidi, a Pakistani-American artist and illustrator, based in the UK, whose work is dedicated to women’s rights and mental health. #RiseofWOC

Maliha Abidi by Syed Askari

Abidi has worked with organisations such as the United Nations, Women’s Aid and the Malala Fund to showcase underrepresented narratives and help create positive change through art.

Abidi is also the founder of The Story of Mental Health, an intersectional organisation that provides marginalised communities with well-being resources and encourages the use of art as a mode of therapy.

Abidi’s powerful work aims to highlight the extraordinary achievements of women of colour from around the world, from household names, such as Beyoncé and Frida Kahlo, to activists working behind the scenes to make the world a better place, such as chemist, Asima Chatterjee, who developed anti-epileptic and anti-malarial drugs and human rights activist Faye Simanjuntak who works tirelessly to help victims of child trafficking.

*Artwork by Maliha Abidi

Her latest book Rise: Extraordinary Women of Colour Who Changed the World (published by Saqi Books) features 100 women, haling from more than 40 countries, including Afghanistan, Chile, Ghana, Liberia, the US and the UK.

Maliha Abidi by Syed Askari

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