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Meet the powerhouse behind the role of Juliet in & Juliet: Miriam-Teak Lee

Photo credit: Joseph Sinclair

"I have always lived by the notion that “you can be anything or do anything you put your mind to” my mum used to tell me that when I was growing up and it has never left me.

Doing shows like On The Town, Hamilton and & Juliet - they were so different in so many ways but each played its part in shaping me as a more well-rounded actor with each performance. With On The Town, it was incredible to dig into the lives of women in 1940s New York. The fashion, the culture, the accents.

Interestingly, it was a time and style of music that was very dear to my heart. Growing up I attended the Morgan Aslanoff Dance School and used to compete in dance competitions all around the south of England eventually competing in the biennial All England Dance Finals (both of which - the school and the All England Finals - I am now an ambassador for). And the styles of Artists like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Jean Kelly, and Sammy Davis Jr were at the heart of what I’d been taught at that school. And having a dance partner like my brother Dex Lee (Bear Sylvester - BBC Doctors) who was an absolute showman with a stage presence to die for at such a young age, really had us being compared to the likes of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers all the time! So, getting cast in On The Town as my first professional job felt like a dream and it felt like home!

Then moving on to Hamilton and assuming the role of Ensemble and Cover Schuyler sisters came with its own blessings and challenges. To be in an original West End cast of such a worldwide successful show was so special and often felt quite surreal, especially faced with the cult following of fans that came to see the show, it was truly overwhelming, but in such a wonderful way. And it was my first time covering a role let alone covering 3 roles, and learning 3 different complex harmonies for the song Schuyler sisters and having to be ready to go on stage at any minute was a true test of patience, memory and mental flexibility. I got to go on for Angelica and Peggy many times but Eliza only once, which was probably the role I was most nervous to go in for when it came around to it.

Then came &Juliet! I’m so proud of how this show has grown and how it is now travelling around the world! I remember in the workshop days back in 2018 when I first laid eyes on the script by David West Read and on the concept and story and I truly believed it was something special then and so many people have been able to see how special it is now! Creating Juliet really became an extension of my growth and development as an actor as well. A confident, strong person at the core, but sometimes confused in how to express that.

In &Juliet, we see a strong woman finally being able to be true to who she is and learn to love herself in all her flaws. Guided by her best friends and new friends it became a story of self-love and true confidence continually evolving in a space and time that is welcomed: the 21st Century!

My biggest take and love from this show is seeing how much I was able to inspire people with Juliet’s story. To see the number of people who felt connected to her and shared many of her self-doubts, as she discovered hers in her story, they began to discover theirs. Hearing people’s stories at the stage door was one of the most wholesome experiences for me and that’s why I always tried to go out at the stage door every single night to talk to fans and hear their stories.

Now that I’m on the other side of my &Juliet journey I’m so incredibly excited for the future. I’d like to go into TV and Film now! Something like a law show, an original movie musical, a Marvel movie or perhaps a story set in a fashion house as fashion is such a love of mine (and my mum’s, who’s actually my stylist!) Circling back to what my mum always used to say about how “you can be anything or do anything you put your mind to” is ringing strong in my head right now. I am very particular about the auditions I go for as it’s so important for my next job to be something that stimulates me mentally and challenges me as an actor. I want to work with actors of all ages, to work with new and seasoned directors and writers and listen, learn, and grow. The growing never stops! As a child I used to love reading and writing stories so in my spare time I’m doing that a lot more now...

I admire people like Michaela Coel who have created stories and work for themselves! That is an Avenue I’d definitely like to go down!

I also have been doing a lot of voiceovers recently which are just so much fun, so another hope of mine is to voice a Disney Pixar animation movie! So, who knows, the sky is the limit! I hope I can inspire the next generation, by continuing to do talks in universities and schools, talking of my journey and setbacks and triumphs and overcoming challenges and believing in myself. And the ones I have done so far have been so fruitful in so many ways, so it excites me to be able to change people's mindsets for the better through my work, my acting, my creating and through sharing my experiences.

Miriam-Teak Lee is an English actress who made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her captivating performances on stage and screen. Best known for her portrayal of Juliet Capulet in the hit musical "& Juliet," Lee has received critical acclaim for her outstanding talent and was awarded the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical in 2020. With her undeniable talent and dedication to her craft, Lee is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of acting.


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