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Jess Wade - We Rise By Lifting Others

Jess Wade - Photography by Sane Seven for The Female Lead

Jess Wade is a physicist who studies new materials at Imperial College London, where she earned both her MSc and PhD, having previously studied art at Chelsea College of Art. Outside of the lab, Jess is involved with several initiatives focused on improving diversity in science. She spends her evenings researching and writing the Wikipedia biographies of scientists and engineers from historically marginalised groups, and has written one every single day since the beginning of 2018. Jess has received several awards for contributions to communication, diversity and inclusion, and in the 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours she received a BEM.

"What change would I like to see for women? More of their work to be valued and recognised."

Jess Wade

The Female Lead (Volume II): We Rise By Lifting Others:

Jess Wade's interview is a part of a wider collection for The Female Lead (Volume 2), We Rise By Lifting Others, a book of 67 women changing the world today.

Buy the book to read Jess Wade's story as well as the stories of world leaders, artists, activists, engineers, writers, athletes and entrepreneurs. The book is out now and will also be donated to schools and universities. You can nominate your school to receive a copy or support the work of The Female Lead’s educational foundation by buying your own copy.

The women profiled in this book have come together to inspire future generations and to honour the women on whose shoulders we stand. The title We Rise By Lifting Others is woven throughout the book; a belief in the need for a collective effort to make positive change. Not just for women, but for everyone.


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