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How To Navigate Office Politics

Most people try to avoid office politics at all costs, seeing them as unpleasant, unfair, unethical and an unnecessary distraction from their ‘real work’ when in fact, it is entirely possible to play politics without sacrificing your principles.

To many people’s surprise, not only is it possible but in fact, it is critical; extensive research findings point to the same thing – that political intelligence is the single biggest factor in your career success – or failure. And all of this is even more true in a remote working environment.

In this LIVE session, Edwina Dunn & Niven Postma will:

- Help you understand what office politics actually are

- Ensure that you realise that you will never escape office politics

- Bust some of the destructive but widespread myths around office politics

- Cover some of skills of the politically savvy

- Give you some pointers as to how not to commit political suicide

Niven has had a wide and varied executive career across multiple organisations and sectors, including the private, public and not for profit sectors. She is the MD of Niven Postma Inc., and works as a leadership, culture and strategy facilitator for clients in Australia, Scandinavia, Germany, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the UAE. She lectures at Henley Business School and on various global leadership development programmes and is the author of the best selling book “If you don’t do politics, politics will do you”


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