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How to Create a More Inclusive Culture

Why are diversity and inclusion so important?

"Diversity and Inclusion" seems to be the hot topic at the moment, with every company investing their efforts into these areas and pledging their support. However, the sudden boom of this topic leaves many to ask - What does it really mean? Primary research conducted by Sonya Barlow found that:

  • 85% of those asked weren't sure what "intersectionality" means

  • 65% didn't know which biases they may have

  • 40% felt that their company was delivering this training to tick a box

In this live session, Sonya Barlow & Edwina Dunn unpack why creating an inclusive culture is important for your business, how understanding your bias can create belonging and what everyone can do to champion diversity.

  • Understanding unconscious bias

  • Discussing why inclusive cultures are so important to create happiness, community and transparency

  • Managing internal diversity initiatives and championing the cause without feeling out of place


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