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How to be assertive and stop apologizing

How often do you justify yourself by using the word "Just"? "Just wanted to ask..", How often do you use qualifiers before sharing an idea? "I'm no expert at this but...", How often do you apologize unnecessarily or soften your speech?

Most of us don't even realize the extent to which we're minimizing ourselves but you can change that by watching this LIVE session with Edwina Dunn and communication specialist JoAnn Lauterbach, who will teach you how to recognise and break your habits, teaching you how to use your words wisely and communicate with impact! With over 25 years of managerial and coaching experience around the world, JoAnn Lauterbach guides people to give form and words to their aspirations.

JoAnn has trained thousands of professionals bringing to bear her personal experience successfully navigating and mastering leadership in the corporate and entrepreneurial realms.

Are you using your words wisely? Take JoAnn's short survey to find out:

Watch Back Now:


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