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How and Why Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Your Success

The most successful companies and individuals are the ones that adapt their culture and communication around the key elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Many experts contend that EI is more important than the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and actually accounts for 80% of professional success.

In this LIVE session, Edwina Dunn & Nada Lena Nasserdeen will show you why emotional intelligence is the key to your success covering:

- Building Self-Awareness and Accurate Self-Assessment

- Emotions, Triggers, and Where They Come From

- Managing Reactions and Understanding Brain Plasticity

- And more

Nada is the Business Owner & Founder of Rise Up For You, an educational and motivational company that focuses on enhancing company culture and people development through teaching soft skills, aka human skills, coupled with career strategy. Nada is also a TEDx Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon for Personal Success Corporate Trainer, Certified Leadership and Confidence Coach.

Access your free EQ guide from Nada Nasserdeen, to get you started:


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