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Health, Beauty & Wellness: A Better Reality For Women

The subject of women’s health and wellness has really come into focus in the last few years. We have seen previously 'shameful' subjects like period health, menopause and mental health being spoken about openly, and it’s about time.

Women’s health, as its own specific area, has historically been under-researched and neglected leaving huge gaps in data and knowledge around some of the most fundamental parts of women’s health - but we’re catching up.

In this event we’re going to talk about Health, Beauty and Wellness. Is there now - a better reality for women? To understand this, we will first delve into where we’ve come from historically - and what the future holds for us.

The Female Lead is incredibly excited to bring you a very special panel with

- Edwina Dunn OBE - Founder, The Female Lead

- Anisha Raghavan - CMO, No7 Beauty Company North America

- Heather Hughes - Group VP Beauty, Walgreens

- Missy Modell - Creative Strategist and Founder of Yes Mam Creative

- Lisa Bilyeu - Co-founder, Quest Nutrition

Event Proudly Supported by No7 Beauty Company

With thanks to Wonderland Dreams for kindly hosting us at their incredible venue in New York!


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