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13-year-old superfan meets Zendaya

The Female Lead had the opportunity to speak to Zendaya for the upcoming release of #SpiderManNoWayHome. We invited 13-year-old superfan, Rosie, to lead the interview!

"I'd never thought about being a journalist - my ambition is to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon - but when I was given the opportunity to interview a feminist hero I had to do it! I've loved Zendaya since I was little, watching KC Undercover and I really admire her. Getting a Sneak Peek at the new Spiderman film (which is AWESOME by the way) was really exciting, but the most exciting part for me as a young feminist was getting to talk to Zendaya. I knew she would consider herself a feminist, but hearing her talk about the importance of intersectional feminism was inspiring and brilliant. Intersectionality is really important because sometimes we're not aware of our own privileges and biases that need to be challenged.

As a part of the new generation of intersectional feminists, Zendaya speaks up for women of colour & LGBTQ people who are some of the most marginalised in society, and that makes her a true Female Lead.

"A feminist is someone who believes in the power of a woman the same way they believe in the power of anyone else. I definitely would consider myself a feminist, an intersectional feminist. You have to look out for everyone"

Spiderman is out in cinemas now and it's AMAZING. Go check it out!


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