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Fulfilment Finder for business

  • Fulfilment Finder For Business is a brand new service and capability from The Female Lead, harnessing the power of big data and persona-based profiling for any organisation (big or small) looking to make meaningful strides forward in their gender equality mission

  • The Fulfilment Finder service is centred on a leading-edge survey tool, developed by a team of expert neuroscientists and data scientists, which delivers new data around emotional engagement to facilitate a deeper understanding of employee needs, views and drivers.


A gender equality tool for the new world of work, devised by and in support of The Female Lead

  • Fulfilment Finder enables HR and D&I professionals to make meaningful progress towards their organisation's equality targets, with an evidence-based approach underpinned by the following principles:

  • The better we understand what (female and under-represented) employees need and want, the better placed we are to provide effective ways to encourage them to reach their full potential at work 

  • one-size fits all reward solutions are no longer viable and unlocking female potential cannot be achieved by simply channelling women into a traditionally male career mould

  • new models and metrics for fulfilment need to be developed to engage and motivate a diverse workforce

  • rich data and AI tools can deliver customised solutions at scale to truly maximise employee potential, satisfaction, retention and productivity

We surface the dominant Personas in an organisation that enable us to understand bias and promote greater diversity

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What is included in The Fulfilment Finder For Business Service

The full-service Fulfilment Finder package offers secure data capture and handling, independent analysis, organisational and global benchmarking and tracking, plus content and resources for skills and personal development.

Employer benefits 

  • Delivers fresh and powerful insights into employee needs and motivations using implicit and explicit research techniques that fully respect the confidentiality of every participant

  • Reveals the issues that matter most to the female workforce and which elements of their working life are driving fulfilment and critically where the gaps in fulfilment exist

  • Enables cross-referencing against existing proprietary employee data so organisations can understand how attitudes, tensions and priorities differ in different segments of the workforce – by gender, by department, by age, by ethnicity, by disability, by parental status etc

  • Offers new data off which to form a solid evidence-base for the audit of existing policy and the development of new policies, reward programmes and diversity initiatives

  • Identifies an organisational baseline and monitors employee responses over time to track progress against agreed KPIs

  • Enables organisations to benchmark their workforce trends against an ever-growing dataset of over 100,000 participants globally

  • Pinpoints patterns and differences in persona types within an organisation, department or team uncovering hidden biases and revealing prevailing trends in employee recruitment, retention and progression

  • Offers a truly data-secure, independent service enabling employee feedback that is honest, unbiased and comparable over time

  • Improves staff engagement and accelerates progress towards an inclusive workforce culture where everyone feels valued and understood

  • Ensures best practice data capture and management with full confidentiality guaranteed for your company data set (complemented by Female Lead Founder’s role as Chair of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation)

  • Is a diversity tool with social purpose embedded, as all funds generated by The Female Lead are channelled into our educational programme providing free content and resources for the next generation of female leaders?

Employee Benefits

  • Providing all survey participants with one of twelve possible personas, which summarises the participant’s dominant characteristics, improving self-awareness and highlighting strengths and development needs at an individual level

  • Recommends tailored content & development resources for employees based on their individual persona profile and personalised to their immediate needs

  • Engages individual employees in the gender equality agenda and demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to a more human-centric approach to the workplace, which aims to understand and reward the individual, and promote a more positive, diverse culture

  • Fully respects the confidentiality of every individual participant and maintaining the highest standards in privacy and data handling.

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