For decades we've been

living in a world

designed by men for men,

which has slowed down the progression of women

and the whole of society.

Katie Piper 2 for The Female Lead by Sane Seven small.png

Now we're

putting women first

to build a better world

for all.

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Our mission

is to help you live a more fulfilled life

Browse through hundreds of interviews with incredibly successful women in our books, videos and podcast. Who do you admire? What stand out qualities do they have? What can you learn from them? Will that help you on your own journey? Make some helpful notes for yourself.


Take our Fulfilment Finder survey to discover your strengths and emotional drivers. Find out who you are and what success means to you. What are the words and rewards you long for?

Through this journey of self-discovery, you will learn how to love and respect your skills and talents. Others will have different skills and qualities – and this is true diversity. We should
embrace, enjoy and encourage each other's differences so that we all do what we do best. Remember that we rise by lifting others!

This autumn The Female Lead will be taking a new direction and connecting with primary school children, because it is never too early for children to learn all that they can become. “You can’t be what you can’t see” has always been central to our campaign and this new move speaks to the heart of that mission.
Kicking off our outreach into this age group is a very special partnership with Disney Princess and its Ultimate Princess Celebration: Time to Shine initiative – a new role model-led movement that aims to inspire and grow the confidence of young children as they prepare to start school, and the early years that follow.

Real life role models are supporting the campaign, including England Lioness, Leah Williamson,