Female Leads.

The Book.

In 2017 The Female Lead launched its eponymous book, profiling 60 remarkable women from around the world. The book comprises powerful, original photography by Brigitte Lacombe, alongside interviews by world-class journalists.

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As part of the project, in-depth video interviews with each woman were shot by documentary maker Marian Lacombe. These intimate moving portraits take us closer to each woman’s journey, allowing us into her thoughts and enabling her to tell the story in her own voice.

Brigitte Lacombe and
Marian Lacombe.

Brigitte Lacombe is known for her influential
and revelatory portraiture. For the past four decades, she has created iconic and intimate photographs of our most celebrated artists, actors, politicians and intellectuals. She has published photo-essays and portraits in such publications as The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Financial Times Magazine, and Zeit Magazin. Recently, exhibitions of her work were presented by Phillips Auction house in New York, Paris and London and the Shanghai Center of Photography. Monographs include Lacombe Anima/ Persona (Steidl/Dangin) and Lacombe Cinema/Theater (Schirmer/Mosel). She received The Lifetime Achievement Award for Photography in 2010 from The Art Directors Club Hall of Fame and The Lucie Award for Lifetime Achievement in Travel & Portraiture in 2012.

Marian Lacombe has worked as a reporter, anchorwoman and editor-in-chief for the French television channel M6. She has directed documentaries
on cultural figures such as Mira Nair, Agnès Varda, Robert Altman, Philippe Decouflé and Christian
Lacroix. Marian has interviewed many iconic and emerging movie makers for the Doha Film Institute. In 2012, Marian and Brigitte Lacombe collaborated on a book and an Exhibition at Sotheby’s about Arab Women in Sport.