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What is Pink Tax?

What even is Pink Tax? Did you know that 33 US states still tax tampons! 😤 In this video Andrea Kaiser breaks it down and we're just as mad as this angry tampon. @TheFemaleLead & @AndreaPaints

How to make a homemade Lava Lamp!

In this video Joan shows us how to make a lava lamp from common household products. Let's get retro! @TheFemaleLead & @YourFemaleEngineer

We need to have a talk about body positivity.

Hannah takes us on an informative journey of universal self love in body positivity and respect. @TheFemaleLead & @that_other_hannah_

Advice to live by.

Choose your own path, don't let others opinions shape your future. You make your career you want for yourself. You do you! @TheFemaleLead & @SarahRav

Learn the differences between a healthy & unhealthy relationship!

Danielle highlights 5 key areas for comparison for both healthy and unhealthy - sharing tips on how to ask for help if needed. @TheFemaleLead & @SexEdWithDB

Normalizing periods.

Victoria speaks openly about this topic and shares the normality behind this natural conversation. @TheFemaleLead & @Vickaboox

Black holes, white holes and worm holes

Athena explains the difference between a black hole, white hole and worm hole using a piece of paper. @TheFemaleLead & @AstroAthens

Self love and body positivity!

Katrina shows us how self love is allowing yourself to live and be free, just as you are! Unconditional love for yourself. @TheFemaleLead & @TheKatrinaNichole

Notable women in science!

Leah takes us on an in-depth history lesson about Dr. Chien Shiung Wu and even though she’s a pivotal figure in the history of physics, we rarely hear about her in the classroom. @TheFemaleLead & @LeahMelle

A typical day in the K9 unit!

Andrea takes us through the typical day within the K9 unit with her partner Creed! Showing us the teamwork and versatility within their training. @TheFemaleLead & @Andrea.n.K9creed

Advice from a Mermaid!

Brandee takes us on a self reflective journey of what she would have told her younger self. A mantra of "Dare to dream" flows through Brandee's 5 years of professional mermaid and media agency veins. @TheFemaleLead & @VeroBeachMermaid

Ancient Egyptian Periods!

Chelsea takes us through the ancient history of periods from Egypt to Rome. Showing how periods were understood and what medicinal properties they were thought to hold in those times. @TheFemaleLead & @ChelseaHartIsMe

Self care & self love!

Kirsty shows us her self care journey through her binge eating disorder and how it's helped her within a 1 year period. @TheFemaleLead & @BobAlongWithKirsty

My fav passive incomes!

Sharon shows us her 3 favourite passive income methods that you can use for money making tips! @TheFemaleLead & @SharonTseung

Legalising gay marriage in the USA!

Shannon shows us how Edie Windsor sues the USA, to help legalise gay marriage! Edie and her wife were together for 50 years and fought for the legalisation of gay marriage within the U.S. @TheFemaleLead & @itsShannonBurns

Fun facts about your body!

Nancy shows shows us the fun science facts behind our anatomy. Did you know our small intestine was 25 feet long!? That's not 'small' at all. @TheFemaleLead & @mrs.b.tv

Let me introduce you to ‘Body Neutrality’

Ambar introduces us to ‘Body Neutrality’. Feel like it’s hard to love your body all the time? It goes beyond body positivity, instead focusing on all the other achievements that make you, you. ‘My worth and lovability do not depend on my looks’. @TheFemaleLead & @AmbarDriscoll

Take charge and get a prenup!

In 2020, 40% of first marriages end in divorce. Kelly strongly recommends all women to get a prenuptial agreement before marriage. Take charge of your future and get a prenup! @TheFemaleLead & @LawyerKelly

Feeling safe during your pregnancy + birth!

Jolene shows us how to have a safer pregnancy and birth! "Women everywhere are at risk of ‘obstetric violence’ and yet, it disproportionately affects women of colour: especially black women. Share your story, break the silence and get the support you need!" @TheFemaleLead & @DrJoleneBrighten

Phenomenal Woman

This incredible poem, 'Phenomenal Woman' from Maya Angelou! Read beautifully from a friend of The Female Lead. @TheFemaleLead

Women's Achievements men got credit for!

The team at Fluence show us 'Women's Achievements men got credit for'! This episode is all about Mary Shelley, the playwright of 'Frankenstein'. @TheFemaleLead & @Fluence.co

What a Female CEO looks like!

Alice attends an award's evening for her business. As the CEO, Alice has corrected some completely misinformed men on her table. Showing them that it's not her husband's evening, it's her's! @TheFemaleLead & @Alice_E_Stephenson

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 09.25.23

Ssonia tells us her story through pregnancy and her miscarriage. Showing us that '1 in 4 known pregnancies end in miscarriage.' "I see you, I hear you, I grieve with you." @TheFemaleLead & @OngSquad

“We can do anything except we can’t hear”.

Immy and Becky show us the assumptions some people may have from deaf people's capabilities. They both show and tell us that: “We can do anything except we can’t hear”. @TheFemaleLead & @2deafgirls

'6 steps from growing my business in 6 weeks'

Maria shows us '6 steps from growing my business in 6 weeks'. In such a short time period, growing to a 6 figure income within this timeframe. @TheFemaleLead & @MariaWilkes

"I saw potential in myself, before those people could see it."

Dr Fatumina shows us that with the determination and self belief within, you can achieve anything you want - despite all the neigh sayers! "I saw potential in myself, before those people could see it." @TheFemaleLead & @DrFatumina

'3 pieces of dating advice, I wish I could give my younger self!'

Ali shows us what '3 pieces of dating advice, I wish I could give my younger self!' Go for what you want! Set boundaries. When someone tells you ‘what they’re looking for’. Believe them! @TheFemaleLead & @FindingMrHeight

Keep going, it’s only one more test

Gigi shows us 'what they don’t tell you about mental health in college…' within her spoken word poem. Keep going, it’s only one more test, Don’t forget to eat and take your rest. @TheFemaleLead & @ItsGigiRobinson

'More compassion, less comparison'

Victoria shows us the comparative and compassionate sides of perspectives, when viewing social media and outlooks on lifestyles. "My biggest piece of advice is to: Instead of looking at another woman and trying to count her flaws. Start to support her, start to lift her up!" @TheFemaleLead & @VictoriaNiamh

"Young ladies, let’s have a little chat"

Sahar shows us that stretch marks are normal and very common: "Whether it’s from gaining weight or losing weight, it’s like a little lighting bolt. It’s fun little art on your body." @TheFemaleLead & @Saharrooo

Double standards:

Lindsay shows us about the double standard, when it comes to the female body in marketing and advertising. "We are so sick and tired, of the double standard on our bodies." @TheFemaleLead & @TheLittleMilkBar

Pottery 101:

"Hi guys, this is Lisa and I’m going to show you the very first step in the ceramic world" Lisa shows us how to create a mug through her pottery masterclass and infectiously happy nature! @TheFemaleLead & @SpeckledBrownie