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Tova Leigh - Writer, Performer & Content Creator

Tova Leigh was born in Israel. She studied law and worked as an employment lawyer for two years before moving to the UK to pursue a career in acting. After getting married and having three children she started her blog, My Thoughts About Stuff, sharing her motherhood struggles with other women. The successful blog and vlogs turned her into a social media influencer with millions of followers worldwide. Her viral online series Mom Life Crisis became a documentary film on Amazon Prime and in 2019 Tova released her first book and her second book, You Did WHAT?, a collection of women’s personal stories, was released in 2021.

Tova's interview is part of a wider collection for The Female Lead (Volume 2): We Rise By Lifting Others, a book of 67 women changing the world today.

Buy the book to read Tova's story as well as the stories of world leaders, artists, activists, engineers, writers, athletes and entrepreneurs!

Tova Leigh for The Female Lead (Image: Sane Seven)

The book is out now and will also be donated to schools and universities. You can nominate your school to receive a copy: or support the work of The Female Lead’s educational foundation by buying your own copy here:

The women profiled in this book have come together to inspire future generations and to honour the women on whose shoulders we stand. The title 'We rise by lifting others' is woven throughout the book; a belief in the need for a collective effort to make positive change. Not just for women, but for everyone.


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