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We are donating 18,000 copies of the books to schools in the UK and USA.

We are donating The Female Lead book to schools across the UK and USA. As well as a copy of the book, schools will receive the films and downloadable teaching materials that will help shape class discussions around the subject of female role models and ambition.

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If you would like to send a free copy of the book and teaching resources to a USA school, please fill in the form below - including the name of the relevant teacher who will receive the book.

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We are also sending The Female Lead book to Careers departments at Universities. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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We will donate The Female Lead book to 18,000 schools in the UK and USA.

  • The common themes of: pursuing your passion, demonstrating intellectual curiosity, daring to be different, taking risks and asking for help all resonated with our holistic approach to education. The book has provided a platform for the sharing of these key messages to our girls, emphasising the traits, values and qualities we want them to emulate. The Female Lead has helped empower and motivate the girls to do this.

    Ian Keary
    Headteacher at The Tiffin Girls’ School

  • We received our copy of ‘The Female Lead’ today and it is a truly wonderful book, thank you. We are a girls’ school which seeks to empower our students and give them plenty of inspiration for working in the modern world. The work you do is of utmost importance.

    Manchester High School for Girls