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Here’s what you can get with a part-time job at the Apple Store

Your ambitions, your studies, your side hustle, your family, your travels – whatever your focus is, a part-time job at the Apple Store could support it. 

What you’ll be doing

You’ll be listening to customers, understanding their needs so you can help find what’s best for them. You’ll be a guide and an advisor, ensuring a long, happy relationship with their new Apple products. 

What you need to join

Bring your love for teamwork and people skills, that’s it. Apple will teach you the technical skills and the whole team will give you the support you need to do well. 

What you’ll get in return

You’ll be part of the Apple community from day one. No matter where you start, you’ll receive helpful feedback and the guidance you need to feel great about your role and your team. And make sure to ask about employee benefits. 

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