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Happy World Poetry Day!

To celebrate World Poetry Day, The Female Lead are highlighting two incredible female poets who are breaking boundaries in 2019;  Deanna Rodger  and Theresa Lola.

Deanna Rodger

Deanna is a writer, performer and facilitator. She teaches the Writing Poetry for Performance at Brunel University and is a tutor at School of Communication Arts. Deanna is one of our ’20intheir20s’, ELLE UK’s ’30 inspirational women under 30’ and is the youngest UK Poetry Slam Champion.


“Trust yourself and trust that your experiences are important. No-one else has your eyes, ears or how your brain put words together and interprets this world”

For Deanna, poetry is an instrument to change the world. Poetry sparks questions in people’s minds and when people start questioning things, their lives change. They no longer stay passive, but become active, she believes.

“Everyone has got their superpower and mine happens to be poetry — it’s my tool to make sense of the world,” says Deanna Rodger.

“Poetry is evolving into such a beautiful space now. People are starting to see poets in the way they see artists and musicians.”

Theresa Lola

We came across the incredible Theresa Lola at the Millicent Fawcett unveiling in Parliament Square last year. Her poem ‘For Those Who Listen When Courage Calls’ is one of our favourites and praises the power of women.


“My inspiration is from the questions I do not ask aloud, the complexities of human decisions, I observe anyone from family to friends, to myself, I love writing about the search for answers.”

Theresa’s poetry touches on subjects such as childhood, mistreatment and the wonders of the world. What inspires me to write is the awareness of the importance of not staying silent, she says.

Having performed nation-wide for a few years now, she is part of the multi disciplinary creative collective SXWKS and the Octavia poetry collective of women of colour. She is the joint winner of the 2018 Brunel International African Poetry Prize and winner of the 2017 Hammer and Tongue National Slam.

Theresa and Deanna are just a handful of the many exciting female writers breaking boundaries this year.

Happy World Poetry Day! 

If you haven’t’ heard, cafés across the UK will be offering free coffee today in exchange for a poem, to mark World Poetry Day. This Pay With A Poem project celebrates writing in the digital age, inviting people to put aside their phones and express their feelings and ideas on paper.