The Female Lead

Lionesses unite. This is so much more than football

Did you know that in a pride the Lionesses do all the hunting;
So why should the Lions get all the glory?
We are the pride of the pride.
This is our time
Our moment
Our story.

This is a woman’s game.
A woman’s goal.
A woman’s team.
A woman’s dream.

We play to inspire.
To grow.
To show the world what we can do.

We play for our country.
For ourselves.
For the youth.
We play for you!

We want to pass on our passion-
This is more than a passing fashion.
This is change.
This is a movement.
This is not just a game.
This is the legacy of a lioness.

Our goal is to do more than score goals and win.
Our goal is to see more girls believing in… themselves.
Because we believe that girls, are the future of football.
We believe that girls can change the world.

-Miss Yankey





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