The Female Lead

Female Leaders – Rebekah Walker

1. What inspired your passion for fashion?
I grew up around textiles & fashion. My Mum used to customize clothes she bought from jumble sales. I love how expressive clothes are, style is a language and can evoke such a powerful sense of emotion for the person wearing them or equally for the passer-by. I love how fashion can spark up a conversation between two strangers!

2. How did you get to where you are now?
In the beginning, I followed a strong calling and I could not ignore it. I had a sense of purpose from a young age but I was badly bullied as a child and grew up to believe that I was completely incapable, I had little confidence and would regularly lose the power of my own voice. Terrified of speaking up & not wanting to draw attention to myself. At the age of 19/20 I read a story of a man who was called to speak even though he had a speech impediment and it spoke so powerfully to me – I knew I needed to find my voice. But I could only find my voice in dance, that felt like a more powerful and easily accessible language to me. I have just kept on going & never given up. Through sheer true grit, perseverance, hard work, following my intuition, prayer, networking, marketing myself I got to where I am today.

3. How has dance and sport played a pivotal role in your life?
Dance & sport make me feel alive. The physical, biological & mental benefits motivate me, keep me healthy, energised & I really believe that all of humanity needs to experience both! We were designed for movement. Movement is empowering & can propel the body as much as the mind forward in all that we were called to be & do.

4. What was your mission for Models In Motion UK?
Moving the world through dance & sport. Sport is power, dance is emotional, fashion is a language & I wanted to combine them all.

5. What was your mission for Empower The Creative Woman?
Empowering female entrepreneurs pioneering a positive impact for change. To inspire women to find what is already within themselves and can materialise by the very act of taking themselves & what they do seriously. Action is key!

6. What does ambition mean to you?
Ambition to me is first acknowledging your sense of purpose, understanding the meaning behind why you do what you do & creating a vision. Ambition is the sense of passion, drive & motivation. But I really believe that the sense of self-worth, value & ambition are strongly related. When one realises the importance of self-worth & existence one can then begin to fathom the potential of their impact & then one can get extremely excited about bringing about positive change….!

7. What advice would you give to your teenage self?
Do not give up. Build resilience. Be consistent. Be wise with your time. Train & practise with your body & your mind and think with powerful positivity and openness. Live with purpose. Always stay curious & always keep learning. Love yourself unconditionally & make that a daily practise.

Do not give up. Build resilience. Be consistent. Be wise with your time.

8. How have you experienced being a female entrepreneur in the fashion industry?
It has been a really exciting time & I have loved the variety of my work.
Because I experienced opposition towards being a female leader in my early 20’s when I set up my first business I think I built a lot of resilience to withstand the setbacks. But if I’m honest I think I have adopted a masculine energy to fit in & be heard & make a difference. I only recognised this recently so I’m working on celebrating my strength in femininity. I’ve had wonderful experiences of being really supported by men as a female entrepreneur & other experiences that were mentally quite damaging. It’s hard, we are contending with habits & history even though changes are happening. What I find most hard is watching how much easier it is for men to excel in business. That can sometimes get me down. It’s the reality but does not mean we need to stop & give up! Female leaders can bring such a powerful & dynamic style of leading to the industry.
9. What does your day-to-day job involve?
Booking models, choreographing music videos, TV, films, fashion, shoots, artists, liaising with clients, marketing, keeping the business in order, writing pitches, communicating with dancers, empowering females, mentoring women ….. the list goes on!

10. Are role models important to you?
Yes. I’ve had unforgettable role models throughout my life & I owe it to them for encouraging, inspiring, motivating, believing in themselves & believing in me. I think positive role models are a powerful example of how life can be lived. Watching & experiencing the way someone else approaches their life, career, relationships, health can trigger a calm to action in us. We must not stop being influential in the world, in the home, in the work place… it’s changing lives even if we can’t see it.

11. What motivates you on a daily basis?  What gets you up in the morning?
I have a strict routine: 06:30 wake up, then I drink green jasmine tea, I make my bed to the standard of a hotel, I repeat positive mantras using empowering cards that I have created, I meditate. Then I do hit training at the park. I make coffee, eat rye toast & sardines whilst writing in my diary. I pray  I think about what I want to achieve that day. I put a full face of makeup on even if I don leave the house for work. I physically & mentally set the intention & then I remove any limiting assumptions from my thinking & I get on with my day…. I’ve just given way all of my secrets but this morning schedule is the power to my day.